The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

November 27th-29th, 2009


About the show...

A funny, endearing family show, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever stars CMS Middle School Drama teacher Lori Jenkins as Grace Bradley, a mom who is forced to take over the local pageant after Mrs. Armstrong, who "usually runs Christmas" breaks her leg. Grace thinks it will be easy, as all the kids usually play the same parts, but that's before the Herdmans show up at auditions.

The Herdmans, played by Chelan and Manson kids Harry Cogswell, Jessica Miller Henry Elsner, Tristan Picton, Sarah Freeman and Nicole Manier, have never heard of Jesus, but they did hear that you can get snacks at Sunday School. Ordinarily, they wreak havoc on the town in every way they can: they set fires, they smoke cigars, they bully the other kids, they punch, they bite, they short, they NEED to learn the Christmas story. But will they hear the message of Christmas, or will they turn it into a big mess?




The show is full of "good" kids too, such as the Narrator, Beth Bradley (Katarina Humrichhouse),her brother, Charley (Joey Rasmussen), her friend Alice (Emily Larsen) and the preacher's grandson, Elmer (Logan Manier). And a few adults who kind of try to help Grace succeed, but really think it will be much more fun to gossip about it when she fails: Mrs. Armstrong (Laura Leon Freeman), Mrs. McCarthy (Ellen Picton) and Mrs. Slocum (Kristen Kraus), to name a few.

Directed by local retired / substitute teacher, Jane Lloyd, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is sure to delight everyone in the family.  There are Christmas Carols, too, thanks to the choir direction of Manson teacher Matt Brown.  

Rounding out the cast are children and a few adults from Chelan, Manson, Pateros and Mansfield: Don Rasmussen, Rosellyn Lindert, Malin Kraus, Sam Larsen, Zoe Thomas, Tiffani Hawkins, Dixie Hania, Savana Hania, Karina Guzman, Maddee Ward, Baylee Ward, Grace Larsen, Mollie Cogswell, Jack Reynolds, Nick Evola, and Andrew Jenkins.